Pastoral Epistles

Series #DateTitleScriptureaudiovideopdf
01/23/2019“The Lord Stood with Me”2 Timothy 4:14-18listenwatchread
01/16/2019The Final Days of a Great Servant2 Timothy 4:9-13, 19-22listenwatchread
01/09/2019It’s Time to Go2 Timothy 4:6-8listenwatchread
01/02/2019The Life of the Pastor2 Timothy 4:5listenwatchread
12/19/2018“The Time Will Come”2 Timothy 4:3-4listenwatchread
12/12/2018“Preach the Word”2 Timothy 4:1-2listenwatchread
12/05/2018“Inspiration”2 Timothy 3:16listenwatchread
11/28/2018“But Thou” (part 5)2 Timothy 3:10-17listenwatchread
11/14/2018“But Thou” (part 4)2 Timothy 3:10-17listenwatchread
11/07/2018“But Thou” (part 3)2 Timothy 3:10-17listenwatchread
10/31/2018“But Thou” (part 2)2 Timothy 3:10-17listenwatchread
10/24/2018“But Thou”2 Timothy 3:10-17listenwatchread
10/17/2018“Perilous Times Shall Come” (part 7)2 Timothy 3:2-9listenwatchread
10/10/2018“Perilous Times Shall Come” (part 6)2 Timothy 3:2-9listenwatchread
10/03/2018"Perilous Times Shall Come" (part 5)2 Timothy 3:2-9listenwatchread
PAS-0110/12/2016Introduction: Timothy and TitusActs 16:1-3listenread
PAS-0210/19/2016Introduction: The Book1 Timothy 1:1listenread
PAS-0310/26/2016The Pastoral Ministry in Brief (part 1)1 Timothy 1:1-4listenread
PAS-0411/02/2016The Pastoral Ministry in Brief (part 2)1 Timothy 1:1-4listenread
PAS-0511/09/2016The Pastoral Ministry in Brief (part 3)1 Timothy 1:1-4listenread
PAS-0611/16/2016The Purpose of the Pastor's Preaching (part 1)1 Timothy 1:5listenread
PAS-0711/23/2016The Purpose of the Pastor's Preaching (part 2)1 Timothy 1:6-11listenread
PAS-0811/30/2016The Purpose of the Pastor's Preaching (part 3)1 Timothy 1:6-11listenread
PAS-0912/07/2016The Purpose of the Pastor's Preaching (part 4)1 Timothy 1:6-11listenread
PAS-1012/14/2016The Pastor's Appointment (part 1)1 Timothy 1:12read
PAS-1112/21/2016The Pastor's Appointment (part 2)1 Timothy 1:12read
PAS-1201/04/2017What Does It Take to Be a Pastor? (part 1)1 Timothy 1:13-17listenread
PAS-1201/11/2017What Does It Take to Be a Pastor? (part 2)1 Timothy 1:13-17listenread
PAS-1301/18/2017What Does It Take to Be a Pastor? (part 3)1 Timothy 1:13-17listenread